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5100 shipments in 2022 In 2022, our company carried out 5100 shipments for our partners. And every year, the number of shipments steadily continues to grow, as the number of our regular customers is growing as well, and our capabilities must meet the demand for our services. With a sufficiently large number of truck rides, we never forget about the quality of the transportation we carry out. It is important for us that the customer is always confident that the goods will be delivered on time, and all difficulties encountered within the operation will be overcome at the highest professional level.

Environmental policy Taking care of the environment is one of the most important principles of our company. We deliver goods only by dependable cars of ecological class not lower than Euro–5. All our cars undergo constant and full-fledged maintenance with regular monitoring of the level of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere. Also, our employees participate in actions for the delivery of recyclable materials for recycling. We are aware not only of the present, but also of the future of our planet.
61 cars
are currently on their way
7 days a week, 365 days a year our trucks carry loads to destinations throughout Europe, Belarus and Russia. Every day, about fifty cars are involved in shipping your cargo to the destination point within the stated time frame.
In our work, special attention is paid to the quality of service. Our employees and drivers always fulfill the tasks set by you at the highest level. We are almost sure that having used our services once, you will become our permanent partner in the field of cargo transportation.
Consolidated loadConsolidated load is the combination of several batches of goods ordered by different consignees into one truck.
This method of delivery allows you to reduce the cost of transporting a small batch of goods significantly, because the consignee shares the costs with other cargo owners.
Consolidated load transportation involves paying only for the space actually occupied.
We carry out road transportation of consolidated load from Europe to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus using a consolidation warehouse in Poland. The location of the warehouse terminal (near Warsaw) was not chosen by chance: the warehouse is located at the intersection of the main transport highways and logistics routes connecting Western Europe with Eastern Europe. The advantageous location allows you to optimize the supply chain of large batches of goods and provide services of excellent quality.
By contacting us for the delivery of bulk cargo, you:

  • reduce your costs
  • save time
  • receive the cargo intact

Cargo transportation within Europe As you know, the road transport market in the European Union is constantly growing and developing. And large European companies switch to using the services of carriers from Eastern Europe more and more often.
We deliver goods by trucks with a load capacity from 1.5 to 24 tons throughout Europe. We have the opportunity to submit a truck for loading to any country of the European Union within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of the order for transportation.
Shipping cargo from airports Your cargo is arriving from China, India, USA, Canada or other countries at one of the European airports and you need to deliver it quickly to Russia or Belarus? We can easily help you. The company "Tu-Tell" has extensive experience in transporting goods of non-European origin across the EU on the basis of a transit declaration (T1).
Consolidation at a customs warehouse in Poland For the convenience of consolidating cargo traveling from Europe to Russia and back, our customs warehouse in the city of Pruszkow (a suburb of Warsaw) is at your disposal.
The "customs" status gives the option to open export declarations (EX-1) for goods coming from the European Union to the Customs Union, as well as to close/open T1 for goods going as transit through the EU.
Express delivery As you know, sometimes there is a need in cargo transportation to deliver cargo as quickly as possible, but there is not enough budget for air delivery or there is simply no possibility. But there is always a way out of such as it can seem to be difficult situation.
Our express delivery service will help deliver your small shipments as soon as possible and at a reasonable price using vehicles with the loading capacity up to 1.5 tons. This option is available for all directions of transportation carried out by our company and allows you to deliver the goods to any point in Russia, Europe, Kazakhstan, Belarus urgently.
Shipping cargo from seaports Will your cargo be delivered by sea to one of the ports of Europe? We will provide the vehicle you need for further delivery of the goods promptly. There are options with delivery to our consolidation warehouse with further supply by a consolidated car, express delivery by a direct small car, delivery with transferring cargo in our warehouse – any option is available, taking into account your budget, delivery time and other requirements.